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Meet Our Team

Dream Day Decor Yvonne

Yvonne Kriskovic, WPICC


Owner / Manager

Yvonne started Dream Day Decor in 2002 with her Husband Steve.  With a strong passion for events, her creative design and her organizational skills have helped her grow to the buisness that she has today.  One of her favourite parts of all is being able to grow a personal relationship with her clients on their special day.   Yvonne loves the creative challange and designs that allows her to step outside the box and create magic for her clients.  She has two beautiful teenage daughters that love to help with the decorating. Yvonne loves travelling in the off season with her family, sitting on her deck any chance she gets enjoying the sun and all her fur babies.

Dream Day Decor  Steve

Steve Kriskovic


Owner / Manager

As the other Owner of Dream Day, Steve wears many hats!  From the company accountant, to the ceiling drapery king, to the project manager when Yvonne dreams up more unique styles and designs.   Steve loves to be his own boss and it shows in everything he does.  With lots of hard work and attention to detail, he doesn't miss a step in running a tight ship.  Steve also loves travelling in the off season, loves the sun, his family and his animals.

Dream Day Decor Kristi

Kristi Peralta


Lead Consultant / Accounts Receivable

Kristi joined our Dream Day team in 2014 and she was our missing puzzle piece.   She has fit right in and taken her role as lead consultant, accounts receivable.   She takes care of things back at the office while everyone is one site decorating.  Kristi is extremely professional and thorough with great attention to detail.   She always has the clients best interest at heart and will strive to do what she can to ensure their happiness.   She brings great energy to the office team with smiles, singing and dancing, and the occasional cupcakes.   She is an incredible mother of 2 adorable kids and a loving wife.

Dream Day Decor Pyravi

Pyravi Ganarson

Warehouse Crew

Pyravi started with Dream Day in 2008.  Since then she has been by far one of our most talented decorators.  With her eye on detail and her patience for perfection we call her our master swagger as she can create any amazing look from pure inspiration.  She enjoys challenges and loves to see the transformation the events go though from start to finish.   Pyravi loves to travel on her spare time and is always up for a new adventure.

Dream Day Decor Chuck


Delivery Driver

Chuck has been with us since 2008 and has been an amazing asset to the Dream Day Team.  In the many years that he has been employed with us, he has watched the company grow from our first location of 1500 sq ft to now our fabulous larger location of 15000 sq ft.  Chuck has an amazing personality and gets along so well with everyone from staff to the customers.  He is efficient, reliable and has great attention to detail which ensures great accuracy on deliveries.

Dream Day Decor Oksana

Oksana Manzhura

Warehouse Crew

Oksana ….. well all I can say is she is our magician in the back.  She runs all 9 washers and dryers simultaneously and still manages to work her magic on the stubborn stains and minor repairs.   Since 2010 when Oksana joined Dream Day, we can’t imagine what we would do without her as she is an integral part of our team.  She speaks 4 different languages and loves Star Wars!

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